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Historical Lots:

Important Notice:
Please note that all historical lots are sold subject to our warranty and guarantee, which are set forth below.  As stated below all lots are sold on an"AS IS"  basis.
Historical Rarities warrants the authorship (creator, culture, source of origin) IN THE TITLE LINE of the lot listed at eBay.  For a period of  5 years from the date of sale of such lot and only to the original purchaser of record. If it is determined to Historical Rarities' satisfaction that the TITLE LINE HEADING is incorrect, The sale will be resented, Provided that the lot is returned to Historical Rarities office located in Garryowen, Montana in the same condition as it was at the time of sale. It is Historical Rarities general policy, and Historical Rarities shall have the right to have the purchaser obtain, at the purchasers expense, the opinion of experts in the field, neutrally acceptable to Historical Rarities and the purchaser, before Historical Rarities determines whether to resend the sale under the  above warrantee. 


1. Fax or Email, within 5 days of receipt, your claim to our office at Fax 406.638.2019
2. A complete description of the item must accompany your claim.
3. Your request will be reviewed and an RA number will be issued.  Un authorized returns will be refused.
4. Pack return carefully. Damage incurred in return shipment will void the claim.
5. Write RA number clearly on shipping carton. 

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